Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Lucy's Birthday

It was a BIG day yesterday! Not only did Lucy turn 4 but Henry took his first steps! Apart from the constant rain it was a fun day.

Lucy's mood fluctuated wildly throughout the day. Although she had a good nap we still had some problems (Ava brought over a present in the afternoon but Lucy wouldn't open it)

  • Lucy woke up and ran to the back door. She opened the blinds and shouted 'there's a slide out there'. I don't know how she knew to look out there - she thought we were building her a bookshelf. It took 5 of us to move the playset from the garage to the backyard under the cover of night.
  • Andrew cooked pancakes for breakfast which we enjoyed with chocolate ganache, whipped cream and cherries
  • Friends from our mom's group came over for a playdate. The kids played and then we had cupcakes with purple icing
  • Andrew took Lucy and Henry to Cracker Barrel for lunch (Lucy refused to eat the pancakes she ordered, wouldn't eat the ice cream the waitress brought her and when she came home told that she had a bad time!?!)
  • Long naps
  • Playing on the swings with Ava
  • Salmon dinner with tantrum
  • Webcam with Grandpa who asked her to put both feet in her mouth (which she did)
  • Bath and bed

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