Monday, 10 May 2010

Lucy's cowgirl party

Lucy had her pony party on Saturday. I was worried about thunderstorms earlier in the week but it turned out to be an awesome, and even a too hot day (90 degrees F)

We had 15 kids turn up in their cowboy/cowgirl finest. We provided the hats, the bandannas and the sheriff badges.

The 'surprise' animal that arrived was in fact two goslings, less than a week old. The girls loved them. Lucy hesitantly touched them, a little worried about the whole situation.

The pony, Patches, was the highlight of the day. Everyone had a turn riding him around the backyard. Lucy enjoyed it a lot and Patches didn't seem to mind so many kids running around.

We had a hay bale 'photo booth' set up and a wanted poster with a face cut out. The new swingset was extensively tested and approved. Our gardens survived intact.

Andrew cooked up a lot of pizzas that we served with freshly picked strawberries and other fruit.

We had birthday cake and then lots more playing.

Photos to follow

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