Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Jiggity Jig

We're home again albeit with sickness. Henry has a gastro virus so he has been vomiting non-stop for 3 days now. It seems that the last few vacations we have come home with illnesses!

There's plenty to tell you about our trip. And even more photos and videos - we almost filled the memory card, only space for 39 more photos.

So stay tuned. Once the epidemic leaves our house I'll get to blogging.

In the meantime, if you missed the tweets here is the story so far (in reverse order so start at the bottom):

Lucys fave bear Bill liked ABQ so much he decided to stay. hotel tracked down the scalliwag and fedexing him home. 11:18 PM Jun 20th

For fathers day henry vomited once on each plane ride. 6:16 PM Jun 20th

Farewell land of enchantment. We are back to the humidity of north carolina. And goodbye twitter you are so 2009 6:15 PM Jun 20th

Sandia peak tramway at sunset is a good way to end our vacation 10:25 PM Jun 19th

Traditional mexican musicians just broke out into an abba song in old town abq.?!? 4:20 PM Jun 19th

On route 66 6:55 PM Jun 18th

Goodbye santa fe. Loved the cool nights. We are heading south on the turquoise trail to albuquerque. 3:00 PM Jun 18th

There must be something artistic in the santa fean air. I have so many project ideas. Andrew is already groaning 3:56 PM Jun 17th

SURPRISE! State 23. riding a steam train thru rolling green hills of colorado. listening to atlas shrugged, appropriately. 6:02 PM Jun 16th via

Lucy has been in the gluing workshop at the childrens museum for over an hour. If we arent back next week youll know where we are 6:02 PM Jun 15th

Santa fe is awesome. Trader joes, french cafes and the georgia okeeffe museum. All before 1pm 3:10 PM Jun 15th

Everyone in santa fe drives a subaru. Miss the tribeca. Jeep laredo doesnt cut it. 9:45 PM Jun 14th

I25 NORTH is beautifully scenic 6:09 PM Jun 14th

Sitting in a hot spring in Truth or Consequences. goodbye Las Cruces we are heading to Santa Fe 1:28 PM Jun 14th

3 words - fajitas, margaritas, empanadas. The only things we have done today are sleep and eat 7:59 PM Jun 13th

Champagne brunch and farmers market in old mesilla. 3:15 PM Jun 13th

In the middle of nowhere arises the city of rocks state park. We had fun climbing and watching jack rabbits. Miranda? 6:43 PM Jun 12th

And just to add we are still in the US... ie new mexico 11:28 AM Jun 12th

Just went through border patrol west of las cruces. Based on our skin we were waved through. I dont know what to say 11:26 AM Jun 12th

17 types of margarita, 28 day aged steak and cloudcroft lemon ice box pie. We are at double eagle in old mesilla 9:13 PM Jun 11th

Love las cruces. Lamb couscous, baklava and olives for lunch. Turkish delight and tandoori paste to take home 3:07 PM Jun 11th

in las cruces watching the opening of the world cup 9:59 AM Jun 11th

white sands national monument is amazing. hired a sled to slide the dunes. H of course sampled some gypsum. 3:53 PM Jun 10th

Post texas lucy is more cowgirl than ever. Now shes into lassoing 11:37 AM Jun 10th

Spent the day in Alamogordo. thats as positive as i can get. except for green chile pistachios from nearby farm 11:35 PM Jun 9th

Why do so many americans think new mexico is a foreign country? 10:47 AM Jun 9th

Meal at flying j ranch $60, 11 month old son tapping in time to country music priceless! Ruidoso nm 11:40 PM Jun 8th

Loving the mountain view - ruidoso 10:58 AM Jun 8th

Goodbye aliens. Hello Billy the kid. we are in lincoln. 6:23 PM Jun 7th

Goodbye bats, hello ufos. We are in roswell nm 1:44 PM Jun 7th

Bats on strike. Waited 2 hrs and saw an awesome lightning show. Now 2 very tired smelly kids. 11:05 PM Jun 6th

Its 6pm and 107 degrees.We are off to see the 300,000 bats at carlsbad caverns.Spent $130 on sweaters for big room tour 8:01 PM Jun 6th

Picnic at texan road stop in 114 heat. Free wifi. Melting... 2:31 PM Jun 5th

Goodbye texas. Cmon stosur. We are on a 7 hour drive to new mexico. We are unarmed! 10:36 AM Jun 5th

In texas chicken fried means deep fried. A tshirt with a gun says we dont call 911. Saw Alamo. Its cowboy country! 1:30 PM Jun 4th

Fogo de chao for dinner. I already like SA 6:45 PM Jun 3rd

Houston weeps as we drive to san antonio. Visited awesome fine arts and childrens museums this am 3:19 PM Jun 3rd

Lucy met her great aunt susan and great great aunt susan. L was so sweet and gentle - priceless. Henry, a ham! 9:57 AM Jun 3rd

Everywhere we go we meet australians! I guess we are just adventurous. Go stosur! 9:51 AM Jun 3rd

Loving some authentic malaysian food for lunch.Visited butterfly pauilion in am then g.aunt susan in pm

Eating at the super cool Beavers. daiquiris and a local pale ale help us forget peak hour traffic on i45 8:04 PM Jun 1st

Lucys drink is too fuzzy aka too bubbly 8:00 PM Jun 1st

Nasa johnson space center rocks. Touched moon rocks and sat in mission control.houston all is good! 6:26 PM Jun 1st

My husband is a true cowboy - he can lasso cattle 12:51 PM Jun 1st

Taking my cowgirl to a texan ranch 10:59 AM Jun 1st

I miss big city living. There is an iceskating rink on the lower floor of the galleria + apple + haagen daaz etc etc 8:05 PM May 31st

Memorial day at houston zoo equals craziness 9:59 AM May 31st via

I really really hate thrifty. Texan heat, 2 small sleepless babes and no car. Waiting for 1Hr for them to fix their mistakes. Btw flight awesome... 2:46 PM May 30th via

I hate thrifty car rental. Sorry holly but your texan counterparts are rude and deceptive. People dont rent from them EVER 2:40 PM May 30th

frantic packing around here. how does one baby need so much stuff? 11.5 hours until takeoff. dreading 6am wake up call - for lucy that is 8:34 PM May 29th

heading to Texas in 3 days time. Glad I got Lucy pink cowgirl boots for her birthday, she'll blend in even if we don't understand a word. 12:59 PM May 27th

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BKR said...

haha i don't have twitter, but it was very entertaining to read all your tweets here at once!