Monday, 25 October 2010

Weekend update

A quick update:
  • Friday night swaption at church (we purchased some nifty furniture movers)
  • Saturday pancake breakfast
  • gardening in the front garden (which consisted of one adult gardening, Lucy playing and the other adult stopping Henry from running on the road)
  • eating lunch and dinner outside in the beautiful weather
  • Church and Sunday School
  • birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese for AnnMari
  • pizza party with the Pennys and Mahlows
Following the very fun pizza party Henry had a bath and his milk. He was put in bed and then 1 minute later he vomited up the milk and all the pizza he had eaten (which was a considerable amount).

He is sleeping now but it will be a quiet few days for us and he will miss kindermusik (which is his favourite thing to do each week)


cafedave said...

Oh no! That's terrible timing just as his head hits the pillow. Hope he's on the mend.

Unknown said...

Henry loves Kindermusik? So does Puff! So sorry he'll miss out. Too much excitement and/or pizza? Life sounds busy/fun.