Friday, 29 October 2010

My least favourite time of the year

It's Halloween this weekend. I really hate shopping at the moment and I can't take the kids anywhere. There are witches, skulls and cobwebs for sale everywhere. Why people want their house to look decrepit is beyond me. Why do you want your house to look like a graveyard? Are people inviting evil spirits in or trying to scare them away?

This time last year we were at Disney World. Hhmmmmm!

In any case we are heading to church's fall festival on Saturday and then will bunker down Sunday night.

The one positive is that once H is over, my two favourite holidays are coming up - Thanksgiving and Christmas. Christmas plans are underway!
Bring it on.

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jackie m said...

I think you would be rather disgusted to see how popular halloween is becoming in Oz. Most major shopping centres and supermarkets are selling halloween merchandise, I have noticed a number of houses decorated with skulls and pumpkins etc. Kids are even trick or treating. It has been very difficult explaining all the hype to my 3yr old.