Friday, 21 January 2011

Dreaming of summer vegetables

We started planning our summer vegetable garden. That might sound a little early given that it snowed last week but we calculated that we need to start sowing the seedlings inside on 26 February. This gives us an outdoor planting date early in April which should be the last frost.

We spent a couple of hours poring over our Seed Savers catalog looking for interesting heirloom varieties. This year, like last year we are focusing on tomatoes with lots of other random things thrown in.

Here's our list of seeds:
  • Tomato, Beam's Yellow Pear
  • Tomato, Crnkovic Yugoslavian
  • Tomato, Cherry Roma
  • Tomato, Eva Purple Ball OG
  • Tomato, Gold Medal
  • Tomato, Mortgage Lifter (Halladay's) OG
  • Bean, Empress
  • Carrot, Danvers OG
  • Arugula OG
  • Onion, Yellow of Parma
  • Pepper, Golden Treasure
  • Squash, Waltham Butternut OG
  • Leek, Blue Solaiae
  • Watermelon, Golden Midget
We're stocking up on a few herbs that grow annually here like chives and sage. We also bought some borage to attract bees and some Sweet Alyssum to attract lacewings (to keep away aphids). We are also going to underplant the tomatoes with basil to reduce bugs eating the tomatoes.

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Teresa and John said...

I wish you every success in your planting of vegies. I have had success with pumpkin, raspberries, lettuce, Italian parsley but a difficult time with the variety of toms. The fruit fly has infested at least three quarters of the produce even though organic bottled fly baits were put up. Tom Thumbs with the thicker skins were Ok.