Monday, 17 January 2011

The Visit

To say we had a fab
ulous week with our Aussie friends is an understatement and does not capture the full warmth of friendship that we experienced. I wish I could just bottle up the week into a jar so that when I am feeling lonely or homesick I could release some happiness!

We did the usual touristy things around Wilmington like visit the Aquarium, browse the Christmas shop in Southport, eat fudge at Kilwins downtown, and go to the beach [albeit for 10 minutes because it was freezing].

We also opened up Andrew's Pizza Wilmington for a gourmet pizza experience.
Throughout the week we ate at various restaurants including Cracker Barrel, Panera, La Costa, The Pharmacy and Sweet & Savoury. The adults had a special treat: a kid-free dinner at Bento Box thanks to our lovely babysitter Jessica who braved the task of 4 small children.

Lucy & Cora, although there was a whole head difference in height, were instant friends. They created a boy-free zone in their bedroom and played there for hours. There were
swimming lessons [jumping onto the airbed/pool, swimming with lamb slipper kickboards], camping, Christmas, tea party and so many more activities. And the fabulous thing was that there was no fighting! Truly not once did either girl come to complain about the other during the whole week. They also enjoyed playing at the beach, playing in the snow and making real chocolate cupcakes.

Henry & Jacob alternated between sleeping and playing but both liked getting extra cuddles from all the parents. It was a week full of noise and fun and now the house feels quiet and empty without them around and we miss them already!


Lisa said...

yay! what a fantastic time for all 8 of you! so glad that everyone had a great time - the kids all look so grown up!

Anonymous said...

great photos! nice to hear all the fun family times you had together