Friday, 3 June 2011

Bunk beds

Sharing a room is not always fun (for the parents that is!) Henry moved into Lucy's room earlier this year.

This wasn't a complicated process to move him - we just put his cot mattress on the floor in a corner of the room.

It was complicated Henry-proofing the room. Both closets have locks on them, the telephone jack was replaced, and Lucy received some shelves to keep her special things safe. All toys were removed from the room. And now he wakes poor Lucy up at 6:30am every morning.

We decided it was time for a big boy bed and purchased some bunks (which can convert to two single beds). Henry loves his new shark sheets and enjoys sleeping in his new bed.

Lucy is loving being on the top bed and now her special things really are safe.

However we have not attached the ladder. Henry wants to climb the ladder which is totally not safe. Well it is safe for him to climb up but it is not safe for him to get down (via the ladder or otherwise!)

Lucy has to call out in the mornings to be let down.

Hopefully at some point in the future we can attach the ladder... (maybe when Flissy and Henry change rooms?)

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Katrinajulie said...

How about a rope ladder she can pull up when she is in bed??