Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Summer time fun

We are having lots of summer time fun! Our garden is growing well thanks to Andrew's electronic watering system (we are in a drought so the lawn is brown and crunchy). We are looking forward to tasting our tomatoes soon.

We've been doing lots of little projects around the house, playing in the sprinkler, riding bikes and going for family walks around the neighbourhood.

Lucy completed 2 weeks of swimming lessons. Now she can swim 25 metres with a small float and she can dive (arms first)

Lucy also attended a week of Vacation Bible School (VBS) and we saw her sing and dance in the show on Friday night.

Henry is still up to lots of mischief (for example today he took a full bottle of gripe water, after being told not to, and poured it all over himself) He can now put two to three words together.

Felicity is doing a whole lot of growing. She is responding back to conversations and is very smiley.

Four weeks before we hit Washington DC. Better get planning.

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chan said...

sounds like super fun at your place. Fliss looks gorgeous in that photo - and there is no mistaking who she belongs to. miss you guys!!