Monday, 19 September 2011

BugFest 2011

On Saturday we made the two hour drive up the I40 to Raleigh to the Museum of Natural Sciences. We were there to check out BugFest!

[As a side note can I just say that its been super hot here over the summer. The last few weeks its settled to around 85 degrees. On Saturday the temperature suddenly dropped to 65 and we were scrambling to find clothes for the kids that still fit!]

The museum was full of exhibits on cockroaches, scorpions and flies as well as various presentations. There were lots of stands outside including face painting, cockroach races and the world's rarest caterpillar (which wasn't actually very exciting)

One of the key features of the festival is eating bugs! The kids boycotted this idea by demanding Chinese so we headed over to NeoAsia. We've eaten at NeoAsia a few times. One time we had to wait 45 minutes for a table. This time (and to some extent last time) the place was empty. What is going on? Is there a new dim sum place in town? And the waiters weren't Chinese this time but Mexican and American. It was very strange in an eerie kind of way. Maybe next year we can eat the bugs!

After lunch we headed over to Grand Asia market for coconut juice, roast duck [mummy i can see its eyes!] and bbq pork. The kids also spent some time at the model train shop just down the road.

On to Trader Joes for some gluten free shopping. They make it so easy by printing a 'g' symbol on their products that are gluten free. The girl at the cash register confirmed that TJ's was opening in Wilmington (it was in their staff bulletin) but no date had been assigned other than 2012.

Then it was time to come home and all three kids slept in the car the WHOLE way!

[And don't they look so cute with their faces painted!]

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