Monday, 26 September 2011

Gluten free: Dining out

Here are my sweeties at Macaroni Grill. Doesn't Henry look so cute giving his baby sister a cuddle!

Due to the rain we spent most of the weekend at home in our pajamas. However we did get out to church and then to lunch.

We ate a Macaroni Grill because:
1. it is close
2. they have a new menu
3. they offer gluten free options

The new menu is terrible. There is much less choice than before and now there is no lamb. I repeat, No lamb. No lamb. Andrew spoke his mind to the waitress.

We tried out their new mushroom & goat cheese flatbread and their gluten free pasta. Both were good. [Sidetrack: how can you tell they served us gluten free pasta? what if they mixed it up?]

Overall though we were disappointed and probably won't go back again. It did highlight the difficulties of gluten free dining out and the lack of options available.

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dr maya vale said...

No lamb!?!?!? What the...?!?!?!

Wow. My condolences to Andrew - that would absolutely bite. Perhaps this will inspire to discover new places to go out? I know a lot of vegetarian and vegan places do gluten-free as well... but is there much of that in your town, I wonder...

God bless to all! :)