Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Gluten Free: Pizza

Although we have our own fantastic super-secret gf Andrews Pizza dough recipe, we are always happy to check out other gf pizzas.

So we stopped in at Fuel Pizza.


I highly recommend their gluten free pizza. The only issue we had was that the toppings and cheese didn't stick to the base very well but kept sliding off. This wasn't too big a deal and we just scooped it back on top.

The cafe is called Fuel because it is in an old petrol station (gas station) complete with paraphernalia. They don't have a wood fired oven, just the regular pizza oven with the moving contraption on it. They cooked the pizzas at 390 degrees which Andrew thought was too low but the result was still good.

I really liked how they put the sauce and topping very close to the edge. And the sauce was good, tending to the sweet side. I thought it was pureed tomatoes but Andrew says smashed.

If you're in the Charlotte area check them out at one of their many locations! [they do regular pizza too!]

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