Monday, 14 November 2011


We bought a new-to-us car on Saturday.

It felt kind of strange leaving the Impreza behind and driving off in a different car without handing over any money.

Of course we paid for the car, we didn't steal it! [I can see K dialing the police already]

I just mean because everything is electronically done we just signed some papers and walked out. Because we had a trade-in we didn't need a deposit so I guess that's why it felt strange.

Our new car is a 2010 Honda Odyssey EX-L.

The good parts: automatic sliding doors, automatic opening boot, space for 3 car seats + much more, turning circle is awesome.

The bad parts: front wheel drive (Andrew tested this out deliberately and got one of the wheels to spin. He kept telling me about how that wouldn't happen in a Subaru as it has all wheel drive. blahblahblah), small reversing camera screen, speedometer only has certain numbers marked (ie 20, 40, 60 but not 30, 50, 70), no petrol tank indicator (ie what side is it on - actually its on the left which is annoying because 80% of cars around here have it on the left)

So all up we are very happy. It is SO nice to be able to get the baby capsule in and out safely and to press a button and Henry's door opens for him to climb in. I'm loving it already.

And Andrew is enjoying driving the other Subaru (Tribeca) to work. He now can fit more than 2 people in his car and have legroom!

And ironically for all book lovers out there I am currently reading Homer's Odyssey. Odysseus is plotting his revenge against the suitors!

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