Monday, 22 September 2008

Goodbye trees

We are in the middle of having 7 trees cut down in the backyard. One was dead, 3 were leaning and 3 were very tall with no branches & dangerously close to the house. I just looked out in the yard and I didn't notice that 6 of the trees were gone. But what I did notice was the one that was almost in the middle of the yard (and in the middle of a garden bed) was gone. It seems empty there now.

Pizza oven work continued over the weekend(!) The project for this weekend was to get some welding done. Lucy thought it was exciting to see fireworks in the backyard. Thankfully everyone is safe with all eyes, fingers and toes intact.

In between all the excitement Andrew and Lucy made lemon flavoured marshmallow. Lucy had great enjoyment licking the beater!

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