Thursday, 11 September 2008

Square eyes

Finally our TV watching marathon has ended! We watched quite a lot of the Olympics over the 2 weeks of competition and were feeling happy that we could switch off the box. BUT then the US Open started the day after the Olympics so there has been 2 weeks of tennisfest at our house complete with strawberries and cream. And we were so happy to see Federer win his 5th US Open in a row. This time last year we were there in the stadium! Unfortunately we had Liza Minnelli singing instead of the wonderful Harry Connick Jr but hey you can't have everything!

After a month of non-stop sport we are taking a break except to watch any Hawthorn DVD's that are flung our way.

Wilmington's transition to digital broadcasting occurred on Tuesday and so far so good!

Our 2 favourite TV shows begin in 2 weeks time after a 4 month hiatus - The Office Season 5 and Amazing Race Season 13. So we may just end up with square eyes after all.

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