Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Product of the week: A1 steak sauce

We don't see many commercials/advertisements on TV thanks to mythtv (a home made tivo-like machine) But one ad that did squeeze through was for A1 sauce. Picture this: a guy is grilling (bbqing) some meat for his friends. He pours some A1 sauce onto the steak. Suddenly a drop of the sauce lands on the grill! Oh no, what is he going to do, he can't waste that bit of sauce. He licks the grill. Next shot, he's in the back of an ambulance with his tongue wrapped in ice and the catch phrase come up - "Yeah, its that important".

Well I hate to break it to you but its not that important and moreover the sauce is awful (Andrew, Katrina and I are in agreement on this). It contains some unusual ingredients including raisin paste and crushed orange puree but one drop of the stuff was enough to make us gag. Please please don't lick it off the grill, its just not worth it!

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