Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Easter preparation

I've been thinking about Easter for a few weeks but haven't gotten around to putting my thoughts into a coherent plan. So here's my rough guide to Easter week (Saturday 4th April - Sunday 12th April) and by the way we are keeping with a lamb theme as we did last year. And just to acknowledge these thoughts, I have freely used ideas from other people, from here and here.

  • Memorise John 3:16. Put the words in brightly coloured envelopes hung on a string and open one envelope each day.
  • Use resurrection eggs to tell the Easter story to Lucy every day
  • Read the bible daily with lenten candles
  • Put our Easter books into a basket in the lounge room for Lucy to read (J is for Jesus,
    Easter Egg Haunt, The Very First Easter, What Is Easter?)

Maundy Thursday

  • Roast lamb for dinner, talk about Passover

Good Friday

  • Go to church
  • Bake hot cross buns

Easter Sunday

  • Attend a sunrise church service at the beach
  • Eat a fun breakfast together including a lamb cake (a cake shaped like a lamb, not a cake made out of lamb)
  • Lucy gets a fun Easter basket of lamb related goodies
  • We tell each other "He is risen!" with the response "He is risen indeed!"

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Cara said...

I always appreciate how thoughtful and creative you are when approaching important dates on the Christian calendar. It is encouraging to me, who leaves things to the last minute and struggles with creativity. I hope you don't mind if I adopt some of your ideas with my boys. We are celebrating passover-fulfilled on thursday night with our people from our house church. So you have inspired me to thinking how to prepare Caelan best for this night and the rest of the weekend.
Hope you guys have a blessed time celebrating the risen Christ!