Monday, 18 May 2009

Baby shower

My good friend Alexis hosted a baby shower for me on the weekend (along with the help of Amy, Monica and Jackie). The shower was a lovely luncheon with quiche, salad, tomatoes stuffed with chicken salad, fruit, and brownies followed by my favourite ice cream, Haagen Daaz's Lehua honey with sweet cream. The iced tea was my favourite flavour called 'On the waterfront'. How nice it is to have a party without doing any organising! I didn't give any instructions to Alexis but she knew not to play any embarrassing games and she themed everything with the nursery colours of red and grey including the fresh flowers. We played a trivia game about babies, opened presents and talked. It was very relaxing. It inspired me to get all the baby clothes washed and put away which I did with some success until the thunderstorms came.

Thanks to everyone who came along! And an extra shout for Alexis for doing such a superb job!!