Monday, 4 May 2009

Lucy's birthday party

Lucinda Rose is 3 years old! She has been singing happy birthday to herself all week and having make believe parties with her stuffed animals. Her fish-themed party on Saturday was AWESOME! I say awesome because it was fun for both the kids AND the parents. We had a water area set up with a slide, frog pool, water town, baby pool and sprinkler ball. The mums supervised the kids whilst the dads drank beer and made pizzas. Yes, Andrew fired up the pizza oven but we decided to keep things simple by offering three pizzas - cheese, tomato and pepperoni. Combined with pesto and herbs from the garden there were a surprising number of variations. We had lots of fruit esp. in-season strawberries, mini quiches, jelly sandwiches (in the shape of dolphins) and cheese & spinach triangles rounded things out.

The fish theme meant that inside the house was decorated with blue streamers and coloured fish and the outside had plenty of inflatable fish hanging from the umbrellas. The fish pinata was a huge hit with the kids literally! They loved the idea of being allowed to hit something with a stick. In the end Andrew had to give it a good what for it to break open and the fish candies to pour out. The birthday cake was a fish, lovingly decorated over 2 hours. Unfortunately my naturally coloured icing didn't work so I resorted to the artificial with plenty of lollies. Lucy was so excited that "Lilia sang happy birthday to me!". The party favours were treasure chests full of fish goodies like stickers and sunglasses.

The weather was ominous at the start of the party and it even started spitting for a while but everything cleared up and it became hot and sunny - perfect for a water party in the backyard!
After the party Lucy had a great time opening presents and the neat part is that is wasn't a great rush. She opened each card and present and played with that present. We opened four presents over an hour and the rest the next day. And it wasn't imposed from us, that's just how she did things.

Thanks to everyone for coming - Jack, Lily, Cooper, Lilia, Dominic, Ava, Samantha, Benjamin, Seth, Shayne, Julian, and Gabriel.


chan said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!!
My how the year has flown by!
Great cake mum - very awesome indeed.

Teresa and John said...

Good food and company makes a great and fun Happy Birthday Lucy party. Loved the photos.