Friday, 15 May 2009

First Dental Visit

A few weeks ago Lucy had her first visit to the dentist. I know I should have taken her earlier but I just didn't think of it. Her dentist, Dr Halley only treats children so the whole office is very welcoming and kid-friendly. Lucy and I went to a special room for her examination. There were 2 regular chairs, a sink and lots of toys. Lucy sat on my lap while the dentist brushed her teeth and put on tooth vitamins(?). Of course she screamed at this point but as Dr Halley told me beforehand screaming actually makes the examination easier for her as she can see all the teeth very easily. Lucy really didn't like the tooth vitamins as the paste was melon flavoured (the only the food in the world she doesn't like) but she was happy to get a take home bag, a soft toy fish and a new toothbrush. She wasn't supposed to brush her teeth that night and it took a lot of convincing not to do so. She is now really into flossing her teeth every night with her crayola flossers and she often asks me at various points throughout the day if she can floss her teeth. Here she is in action:

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