Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sea World

Sea World was disappointing after Disney and in hindsight I would have spent another day at Disney. It just isn't as well run. As a special treat we organised to have lunch during their famous whale show through 'Dine with Shamu'. We eagerly anticipated seeing Shamu but unfortunately our lunch was at the same time as the show so we had to watch it on a very poor quality screen (we couldn't see the show directly through the pillars of the arena) Afterwards some of the whales gave us a display in their private pool but unfortunately Shamu was not one of them. I guess they should change the name of the program to 'Dine with some whales other than Shamu'.

Some of the other things we did:
  • Andrew rode Kraken, a super fast rollercoaster
  • Watched the sea lion pirate show
  • Visited the penguins, dolphins, alligators, manatees and sharks
  • Hand-fed stingrays

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