Sunday, 8 November 2009

We're back!

We are back in North Carolina. A little earlier than expected - if you haven't heard, Lucy came down with a mild case of chicken pox just as we got to Atlanta. Our local pediatrician doesn't even think it was chicken pox based on my description but maybe just a virus. In any case we have enjoyed our last few days of vacation here at home.

If you didn't sign up for twitter here are the posts I made from our holiday. Start at the bottom and work up! Blogging will resume once things settle down around here - stay tuned for the lowdown on Disney. We had an AWESOME time!

getting back into the routine of living (albeit with pox in the house) started the day with andrew's famous pancakes. house still in chaos

Home again. House in chaos but kids in bed by 9pm. Drove 400 miles today - no more roadtrips for a long time
Just drove past the home of golf in augusta. 5 hours of driving to go
Vacation over - Lucy has chicken pox
Drinking coffee with jackie in st. Petersburg and eating organic food. Kids all awake.
Mickey gave up a wake up call and the kids slept till 7 even after the daylight savings change.
Its a nice day when you wake up in disneyland.
Watching finding nemo the musical at animal kingdom. So so so hot
Off to epcot to have a french dinner with aunty lynda
Husband goes out caching all night forgets to buy washing powder and doesnt say anything. Tried to do laundry today. Not happy jan
Waiting to see a 3d mickey show. Lucy loved dumbo but not peter pan. Henry just taking in everything.
Lucy just hugged pluto at chef mickey. Absolutely priceless!
Lady and sons not worth the hassle. Better southern buffet at ralphs in nc
Horse drawn carriage ride, gelato and a dutch painting exhibit - and its only noon
Waiting in line at the paula deen restaurant for a reservation with 200 others
Both babes asleep. Im drinking a daiquiri. I love vacations
Visiting our 19th US state - georgia. River st savannah packed with tourists on a friday night.
Packing frenzy. Waiting for andrew to pack all his gadgets before we hit the road. Its 903am
eating chick-fil-A and waiting for the babysitter to arrive. Hopefully have averted mad packing tonight by packing last night
Run out of milk. Given we're off tomorrow do i rush out to buy more?
should be packing for Disney but getting far too caught up in this new technology. AAAHHHHH!!!! where will it end?

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