Monday, 30 November 2009

Thanksgiving long weekend

Are you tired of hearing about our vacation? Fear not, it is well passed and we are into the holiday season. Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving. I love this holiday because 1. It is about giving thanks (and we all have something to be thankful about) 2. It is about getting together with family and friends and eating (no presents, no decorating, no fuss) and 3. We get invited out for a delicious relaxing lunch. This year, our 4th Thanksgiving, was no exception to the rule and we had a fabulous time at Marlene's house along with 12 others. Lucy sat at the kids table and behaved well while Henry cooed and smiled at the adults table. We ate turkey, mashed potato and cranberry jelly. We've been here long enough now that pumpkin pie is not a novelty and don't feel compelled to try some. We talked with new friends and old(ish) friends and passed around the Disney photos.

It still amazes us that many Americans think that Thanksgiving is a world-wide custom. Why would Australians celebrate the pilgrims and the Mayflower? The ignorance scares me. All Americans should be forced to watch Charlie Brown's holiday specials to learn a little history.

During the rest of the weekend we played board games (all won by Fiona!), cooked a lot (2 dishwasher loads per day) and watched Peter Pan on DVD (badly modified from the original book). We also started getting ready for Christmas but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out about that.


Unknown said...

I was asked about Thanksgiving in Australia the other day....hard to get across that we don't have that. I guess Australia Day is our closest similar holiday...

sounds like you're having a great time both on holidays and during the holiday season. Enjoy your cold christmas as we enjoy our warm one, with prawns and mangoes :)

BKR said...

We are not all ignorant. I think most Americans---or the people I know anyway---realize Thanksgiving is an American Holiday. Perhaps they just think you celebrate it if you live in America. Otherwise, why would you care about it, living in Australia!