Friday, 22 October 2010

Andrew's Pizza Wilmington has opened for Fall

The summer has been truly hot. Too hot to have a pizza oven burning for several hours. Now the weather has started cooling off it is perfect to host parties. On the weekend we got all the gear out and invited the Lingenfelters over for pizza. It was lots of fun until the mosquitoes came out in force. The mosquito magnet was no match for them.

Lucy had a great time playing with the kids especially Isaac who did lots of juggling tricks for her.

Note the lanterns. Purchased from Pottery Barn, along with the rest of the furniture, I was wondering why the scene didn't look like the catalog. We figured out that they put the lanterns up but WITHOUT the actual string of lights and thus there were no unsightly cables. Despite that it looked cute from a distance.

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cafedave said...

Looks like a fantastic spot to celebrate autumn.