Monday, 1 November 2010

Cape Fear Fair & Expo

We headed to the fair at the airport for some rides and the latest deep fried food. Henry had a fabulous time at the livestock tent. We let him out of the stroller, and despite being leashed, he loved getting up close to the animals. His favourites were the pigs and the ducks but he also enjoyed looking at the rabbits, 'dirty' goats and roosters.

As usual, what was on display in the agriculture tent was fairly meagre, a far cry from the Sydney Easter show. However we were there for the rides. After a messy chocolate ice cream Lucy couldn't wait to get on as many rides as she could manage. This proved to be quite a lot too! She is 47 inches tall and with her cowgirl boots on she managed to scrape onto the 48 inch requirement rides. This included a ride called Vertigo which was exactly like swinging chairs but about 4 times higher!

The food side of things was interesting as usual. Aside from the usual fried dough, philly cheesesteaks and hotdogs, there were NC state red candy apples and Carolina blue candy apples. And there were deep fried oreos. Whilst still warm they were okay.

Lucy was disappointed that there was no face painting as she had taken along some pocket money to pay for it. Aside from this minor hiccup she had a fabulous time. Her mother was not so enthusiastic wrangling her 15 month old brother with the additional negative that she wasn't supposed to go on rides. And the deep fried oreos in no way made up for this!

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