Monday, 14 February 2011

Maybe Baby Valentine playdate

Last week we hosted a valentines playdate for our moms group. We made vanilla vanilla Magnolia cupcakes (one mom asked if we had made them from scratch because they tasted different to the store bought cupcakes!) We also had fairy bread (another new experience for Americans) and some strawberries to complete the red/pink theme.

At the playdate the kids made heart-shaped valentine cards with lots of stickers.

During the week we made coconut ice to give out to Lucy's and Henry's preschool classes. The first batch did not work and ended up in a big gooey mess. It seems that American coconut is moister and less dense than Australian coconut. After some scientific experimentation Andrew came up with a good outcome. We put the coconut ice in bags, wrote a poem and stapled it onto the bags.

Today the kids have a valentines day party at preschool. Henry doesn't attend on Mondays but we are allowed to visit for the last hour and join in the fun. Not sure what this will entail but I'm sure it will be sugar-fuelled.

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chan said...

that sounds like so much fun... YUMMY