Tuesday, 15 February 2011

We're still here!

L: Henry after playing in the mud and drinking from the birdbath
R: H & L in front of Henry's new closet

So there's been a hiatus in blogging. Here's a catchup:
  • this week Henry and I have been sick with colds.
  • it has been the coldest winter in 30 years. There have been days with cabin fever. We got a bouncy house to get rid of some energy.
  • we are homesick for Sydney since the visit from Ben, Jackie, Cora and Jacob
  • Henry has pooped on the toilet twice! No, we are not potty training him, he just decided he wants to use the toilet every now and then.
  • Lucy and Henry are now sharing a bedroom. It hasn't been easy because Henry doesn't want to stay in his bed. Bedtime is a drama and Andrew and I are tired!
  • I am frantically scrapbooking Henry's baby album
  • I am frantically cross stitching the new baby's birth announcement
  • We don't have a name for the new baby
  • We researched and enrolled Henry in a new preschool for next year
  • We are researching and investigating school options for Lucy for next year
  • We are organising a pizza fundraiser for our friends the Townsends adoption
  • We are still doing our regular weekly activities like Kindermusik, soccer lessons and craft at the hardware store
  • The new baby is due in about 9 weeks!!
  • We spent time on the weekend getting our vegetable gardens ready. Lucy and Henry spent most of that time jumping in mud puddles.
  • Working out how to fit three car seats in the Tribeca
  • life keeps rolling on...


Carrie said...

Oh my! Spring will be here soon and all the colds will disappear in time to be replaced by something much more joyous.

Cade Whitbourn said...
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Lisa said...

have fun with the car seats!! we had that problem and had to buy a car that was wider (which was the holden commodore), and then came pipsticks!! We also found that buying a seat belt extension that clips in helps with toddlers doing up their own belts, cause its hard to reach down the sides of the other seats.

We got a package from you last week! It was very exciting. You are so wonderfully clever!

Hope that everything is going good - I just realised I should have typed an email to you instead of taking up all your comment space!