Sunday, 28 August 2011

Crazy weather

We are still alive and kicking.

Last week we survived tornadoes, an earthquake and a hurricane.

It has been quite a week.

We lost power during the hurricane on two occasions: Friday 4pm - 6pm and Saturday 3am - 11am. But it was nothing like we were prepared for and thankfully nothing major happened. We had some leaks in our roof which we'll have to fix and the yard was a mess with branches (which are now all cleaned up and ready for pick up on the curb).
We survived our first hurricane!

On top of that Lucy was supposed to start kindergarten but school was cancelled because of Hurricane Irene. The school called a few minutes ago and confirmed that school IS on tomorrow.
Andrew is dropping her off and then she is catching the bus home. I'm still not sure exactly where the bus stop is but I guess we'll find out tomorrow (and it may involve me running wildly down the street waving)

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