Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lucy meets Lucy

Whilst in Philly, we took a 1 hour diversion down the Atlantic Highway to Margate City, New Jersey.

This was of course to meet a 6 storey high, 130 year old pachyderm named Lucy!

Lucy the girl was ecstatic to meet Lucy the elephant.

Lucy the girl was even more ecstatic to enter the gift shop and revel in the Lucyness of it all. Tshirts, magnets, mugs, postcards, you-name-it, all had 'Lucy' plastered across it.

After surveying the Lucy wonderland we joined a tour group to climb inside the structure. We watched a short documentary on the history of the elephant before climbing onto the howdah for a view of the beach.

Lucy had a fabulous time (despite the photo at the top!) and walked away with a new tshirt, mug and adventure book, concluding that all Lucy's are wonderful!

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