Wednesday, 31 August 2011

(Not) Back to school icecream

Now you can see why Lucy was disappointed about school being cancelled - we had a big build up!

It all culminated the day before. Andrew took the day off work and we had a leisurely breakfast. Bacon, french toast casserole and fruit cups topped with cream.

Next we headed to the beach for some sandy fun. This was the day before the hurricane so the waves were pretty good. Because most kids were back at school we had the beach to ourselves. We picked up lunch at PT Grills (with the vouchers we won at the adoption quarter auction) and ate in the backyard.

Before dinner Lucy and I drove over to Boombalattis to get ice cream. The new kindergartener got to choose the favours - she chose strawberry and oreo cookie. At home we set up a candy bar and let the kids decorate their ice cream bowls.

Now for school already!

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