Monday, 26 November 2012

Felicity's half birthday (18 months old)

We've been busy getting ready for Christmas making lots of crafts, decorating and working on our light display.  But over the past month we have celebrated some half birthdays and other events.  Let's catch up on them!

First up is Flissy's half birthday.

We still had the sign from her Little Miss Sunshine party so we modified it to say 1/2 instead of 1st birthday.  Felicity was excited to eat pancakes with maple syrup but more particularly was ecstatic with the orange balloon tied to her high chair.

After dinner we enjoyed strawberry ice cream, her favourite dessert.

Isn't she the cutest, happiest baby!  Though she is determined not to be a baby at all and is now refusing the high chair (she must sit on a proper chair) and doesn't like sippy cups (she wants a cup just like the other kids). Oh Felicity please stay a little baby for a bit longer!

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