Friday, 30 November 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year we attended Thanksgiving at Nathan & Elisabetta's home.  We had the traditional turkey, sweet potato mash, and green bean casserole but the Italian twist came with the dessert - panna cotta. A couple of the little ones were crying for no real reason but once they had a panna cotta or two everyone was happy again!

Felicity had a thanksgiving play at preschool the day before where she dressed up as a grey squirrel but she didn't shake her bushy tail! Henry had fun visiting his old preschool.

And just for my records here is where we've enjoyed thanksgiving in years past.

Thanksgiving feasts:
2012 Cook family (Boiling Spring Lakes)
2011 Holmes family (Hampstead)
2010 Tilly family (Rocky Point)
2009 Marlene's (Carolina Beach)
2008 Martin family (next door neighbours)
2007 Westra family (Hampstead)
2006 Monetta family (Wilmington)

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