Friday, 15 February 2008

Australian morning tea II

I had another Australian morning tea for the moms group today. This time I made vegemite sandwiches, chocolate caramel slice, lamingtons and ANZAC biscuits. To quote Amy 'vegemite tastes like stale anchovies with a pound of salt'. So as you may guess no one liked the vegemite! But the lamingtons turned out awesome and of course the ccs is always good! Lucy was very very good at sharing her toys (she only said 'mine' once at the beginning and then we had a little talk). We talked about 'sharing' at breakfast and she said 'share share' but I wan't sure she understood. But she did and she shared her toys with Vivian, Jack, Dominic, Mariana, Syriana, Sam, Charlotte, Elizabeth, and Ansley.

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