Wednesday, 6 February 2008

It's not easy being green

As I've mentioned before recycling is not easy here. Previously we were driving to a open air 'depot' with massive recycling bins to dump our stuff. These days we are subscribing to a private company for recycling services that pick up on Wednesdays (regular rubbish is picked up by a separate private compnay on Mondays) It costs us about $10 a month for the recycling service. The only issue is that they don't pick up all recycling (ie for plastics they can only take plastics with 'necks' so we have to take all of our fruit containers, of which there are many, to the depot) Although Australia seems to be doing a lot with recycling, getting rid of plastic bags and the like I'm afraid unless this American behemoth gets on board with the same mindset our planet is going to be stuffed.

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