Monday, 11 February 2008

Weekend renos

Yes after a year long hiatus and a general ban on doing household renovations whilst living in the US we did our first day of handy work. Andrew installed an exhaust fan in the kitchen (Lucy thought it was great that Daddy cut a hole in the ceiling) and Fiona sanded the gyprock around the door that was put in upstairs 6 months ago. Once Lucy was in bed we both painted the door and wall.

It was kind of fun to do something like this again and even more fun that it was just a small job unlike this time last year - Andrew finishing the deck and Fiona painting the rafters in the study! We had two dramas 1.Finding painting clothes as we threw away all work clothes before leaving Sydney and had to dig deep to sacrifice some older tshirts. 2. No equipment esp. googles which was soon discovered during sanding, so sunglasses had to suffice!

Unusually we did not go out to eat this weekend. Margaret, Daryl and Ava came over for a lamb roast on Saturday night and we went to church on Sunday. End of weekend.


youcantryreachingme said...

Yay for the exhaust fan! Wish we would get around to fixing ours!

Cheers from Chris and Kat, Sydney.

cafedave said...

I wish I had your reno-skills... I feel proud of myself when I just make it to the hardware store in the first place!