Monday, 18 February 2008

Vale Mary

Last week, after a difficult fight with cancer, Mary Fox died and her funeral is today. Remember her husband Jason and their two young children today in your prayers.

Cry freely, but Do Not Cry for Me
By Mary Fox

Cry freely, but do not cry for me,
for tonight, or in the mere blink of an eye,
I will be kneeling in the presence of my Lord and Savior....
Standing amongst all the many dear saints
who have gone before me....
And singing with the angels to my Abba Father,
a biblical name for God which means “Daddy.”

Cry freely, but do not cry for me,
I am free of pain and distress
I am no longer feeling the effects of cancer.
I am anxiously awaiting the day when
I will be reunited with my husband,
my three lovely children,
and all the rest of you who proclaim Jesus as your Savior!
Of course, I hope you will live long, happy, and worthwhile lives,
here on Earth until that day when we will meet again.

Cry freely … for yourselves,
I know you will miss me and my love for you.
Cry for my children and those milestones I will miss…
… lost teeth, scary driving lessons, late night chats and celebrations.
Cry for my husband – for the years we have missed…
… and this cruel separation of a deep love, uncommonly found.

Cry freely, but most of all examine your own lives.
Is your name written in the palm of God’s hand?
I so hope so.

Cry freely, but do not cry for me.

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