Thursday, 28 February 2008

Valentines Day sugar

I know this is late but I wanted to record it anyway. Daycare sent home a note a few weeks ago with a class list asking us to provide valentines day cards for all the kids in the class. I thought about doing it and given that Lucy was not attending daycare that day decided not to send any in. When we arrived the next week Lucy had a bag of goodies waiting for her. Expecting to see half a dozen cards I was shocked to find that each child had given out not only cards but lollies as well. The lollies ranged from the not as bad Welchs fruit snacks (made with 'real fruit' but primarily corn syrup and sugar) to a disgusting Sponge Bob Squarepants 'Gummy Krabby Patty' which made no pretences about its contents bolding stating 'artificial flavouring' on the wrapper. Andrew ate most of the lollies but it was a shock to see the snacks that parents are happy for their children (and others!) to consume.

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cafedave said...

and most of that sugar is valentines-themed!

I guess they don't let the kids get into that until after they've gone home again: I can't imagine what they'd all be like with that much sugar in their systems!