Monday, 25 February 2008

Weekend visitors

Aunties Julie and Lynda came to visit for a 3 day long weekend though given the amount of stuff that exploded in the spare room (left) you would think they were staying a month! Julie and Lynda toured the Dawson and One Tree Hill sites on a wet Friday. But Lynda still doesn't know where Chad Michael Murray lives and I'm not going to tell!!

We played monopoly, read Lucy books and ate a lot. For Julie's birthday we had breakfast at Sweet & Savoury, visited Wrightsville beach (where the water was officially freezing), did a Screen Gems tour (saw the One Tree Hill police car!!!), did some shopping, and finally dined at the Brasserie. Andrew and Lynda ate 3 mini desserts each, even after having a strawberry cream cake for afternoon tea!

Lucy was very wary of having new people in the house but played with both her Aunties. She particularly liked Julie (who read lots of books) so much so that Lucy was even happy to go for a walk with Julie sans parents.

We farewelled them at the airport Sunday afternoon after church and a lamb roast lunch.


Katrinajulie said...

oh my goodness! I thought I was a messy person! Didn't look like that when I stayed there! Very jealous they were there!

Lynda said...

hey so to clear things up this was while i was repacking everythiing and had just taken all out of the bags so i could re-pack them....AND its 9 months worth of stuff im taking home!!! bad timing for a photo!