Thursday, 14 February 2008

Netflix Update

Here are the latest movies we've watched. The best one in my opinion, which Andrew decided he didn't want to watch, was 'The Lives of Others'. I just wish we had of seen it before visiting Berlin (not possible of course as it was released in 2007)!

In contrast to last time I reported on Netflix I enjoyed all of the movies listed above.

One of the movies from the previous entry was Wordplay. It is a documentary style film on the New York Times Crossword tournament held annually in Stamford (started long before 'The Office' had a branch there) This inspired me to check out the NYT crossword. I didn't realise there would be such a vast difference in crossword styles between Australia and the US. The US uses a lot of 2 word phrases (without any indication it is a 2 word answer) and also uses a lot of colloquialisms. Having struggled through many of the crosswords I have come to the conclusion it is too big a cultural barrier to jump and I have gone back to doing Australian cross words. (I used to do 'The Australian' crossword on the train between Sutherland and Kogarah stations in the mornings) Maybe after a few more years of living here I will attempt the NYT version again.

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cafedave said...

Some awesome movies in that list.

I had similar problems with a book of cryptic crosswords I bought - the times had a lot of UK idiom that I was struggling with!

Maybe it's better *not* to be able to complete a US crossword.