Thursday, 18 September 2008

Phone numbers

I have a very funny situation happen the other week.

I met the person with almost the same phone number as me except that the last two digits are interchanged. My number ends in 4336 and Heather's number ends in 4363. Upon seeing my phone number written down, the following conversation occurred:

Heather: I know you!
Fiona: How?
Heather: I get your phone calls all the time. My number ends in 4363. People ask to speak to Fiona and I just tell them sorry wrong number!
Fiona: Wow, that's amazing! At least now you know me you can give out the right number for me!


Unknown said...

that's brilliant. at least you got to meet who's been receiving your calls (not mine, I know the number, just don't get to call all that often).

Kathryn said...

Our old neighbours and another family on the estate have the same thing going. Funnily enough it was only today that I changed the name and swapped the last two digits over on our phone. K :)