Monday, 24 November 2008

Andrew's Pizza Wilmington opens

Andrew's Pizza Wilmington opened on Saturday 22nd November 2008. And we even have the matching t-shirts to prove it!

The bricks in the dome were still pretty wet from construction so most of the heat from the fire was used to dry out the bricks rather than to heat them for cooking. Also it was about 2 degrees celsius outside and given that there is no insulation around the oven, it didn't get very hot inside. And the wood was wet.

All that sounds pretty bad but we were still able to turn out a couple of okay pizzas. First course was a pesto pizza (with home grown basil!), second was a more traditional pizza with cheese, ham, tomatoes and corn and lastly we had a dessert pizza, half with nutella and banana and half with peaches and honey. The main issue with the pizza was that the base was soft and not always cooked (a sign the oven wasn't hot enough) Andrew was happy with his secret dough receipe but there are still some cooking techniques to be perfected.

Also we have to get some tools as I am not allowing my springform cake tins to be used anymore nor is it wise to be using a spade as a pizza peel. We also have to get a supply of firewood as the couple of bags from HT we grabbed were mouldy.

There's still a lot of construction to be done but at last we have reached an exciting milestone!


Teresa and John said...

Congratulations on a job well done.

chan said...

Oh yay!!!
thats so awesome guys. we hope your new friends appreciate it as much as we did!

Unknown said...

what time saturday morning is this? judging by andrew's hair it's early :) hope you get some helpful pizza slaves until you can get a rolling machine :)

BKR said...

hurray! congrats! pizza time!

dr maya vale said...

YAY!!! I'll be wearing my Andrew's Pizza shirt today to celebrate the opening of APW... great stuff.

The place I buy my pizza from at the moment still hasn't worked out how to not send out pizzas with a soggy base... maybe I need to get my pizza imported from NC?