Monday, 3 November 2008

Fun at the fair

The Cape Fear Fair and Expo is in town for a couple of weeks so we headed over to the airport to join the festivities. There was chainsaw woodcarving, cheerleading competitions, a livestock tent (full of rabbits, roosters and baby goats), sideshow games and rides, rides, rides. We thought the emphasis might be on agriculture and animals but really the focus was on entertainment for the kids. There were SO many rides and SO many games to spend money at. Fortunately the rides were covered by the admission price but it was surprising how many people wanted to shell out big bucks for the chance to win a stuffed animal!

Unfortunately we missed the kangaroos and tigers but we did have lots of fun. Lucy liked the police, fire, sheriff and national park stalls and even got a fireman's hat and a Smokey's friend bracelet. In the end Lucy did not want to go home but she was appeased by dinner at Cracker Barrel. Incidentally isn't funny how sometimes you keep bumping into the same people. At the fair on a number of rides, randomly placed throughout, we would end up being on the same ride as this particular family (who we don't know). We left at the same time (we bumped into each other at the exit) and then we walked into CB (10 minute drive away) and guess who was sitting at the table next to us? We should have introduced ourselves!

Whilst Lucy has been on lots of carousels (Hartford CT, Washington DC, Wilmington NC) she hasn't been on any other rides yet. She made up for it here having fun on the fire engine, wigglin' worm, carousel, ferris wheel, house of mirrors and the giant slide. She also went on a motorbike ride by herself but was so self conscious of all the parents staring at her she put her head down and stared at her feet for the whole ride. The operator was really worried about her so he stopped the ride to check on her but she just said 'more' so he started the ride up again and she put her head down again!

I'll leave you with a little video of Lucy and Andrew on the fun slide. Tune in for tomorrow's blog about American fair food - you can only imagine!!

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