Monday, 17 November 2008

Pizza Oven Progress

Half the weekend was devoted to the pizza oven. Well half was devoted to building the pizza oven and about 75% of the weekend was devoted to talking about and showing off pictures of the pizza oven!

The second arch is complete! And progress has been made building the wall around the dome. Andrew is picking up the welded flue today from the metal shop. Work will slow down while the roof structure is being determined - metal or wood for the frame? (I personally told Andrew to use whatever was easier. There is no fire risk due to all the insulation)

Saturday night saw us having a lovely dinner at the Jessens with the Bearmans and Alexanians. Everyone was talking about having Christmas pizzas but I was trying to hold back expectations (we don't even have a pizza paddle, pans, bowls etc with which to make pizzas!)

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