Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Flapjack breakfast

We had breakfast/brunch at Cracker Barrel this morning (don't call it 'crackers' mummy, it's 'cracker barrel') Despite talking about it all week (you no go to cracker barrel daddy, you do work) Lucy had a meltdown in the carpark. Not a screaming plank meltdown but one where she didn't want anyone to talk or look at her. She even wanted to go home before we ate. However 45 minutes later after she had eaten a significant amount of food (note: I fed her breakfast before she went) she was a lot happier and was able to burn some sugar off in the park. Not the hostess with the mostess.


cafedave said...

That's a great story: wish I was there to see it! Puff puts up much less of a fuss when we take him out (except when he doesn't, and there's no predicting which will happen).

Unknown said...

puff lost it on monday night at bible study and wasn't interested in settling until he'd worn himself out crying - probably good we were out or I would have needed settling too.