Thursday, 11 December 2008

In thinking about Santa

In our household we don't 'do' Santa for Christmas. We don't pretend he is real, he doesn't bring presents to Lucy and we don't go to the mall for Santa photos.

We have three simple reasons for doing this:

1. Christmas is about Jesus

2. We don't like lying.

3. Santa was created by Coca-Cola to promote consumerism. [Don't get me started on this one!]

Not everyone likes our decision but don't worry we'll be teaching Lucy not to say anything to other kids. She won't be running around telling other kids that Santa isn't real. She'll know other families pretend Santa is real and she'll just go along with it. [By the way both Andrew and I had Santa as kids and loved it]

And Lucy in no way misses out. We are already having an awesome Christmas season. And she doesn't even have to be good to get presents! We give her presents because we love her and she doesn't have to worry about some one secretly spying on her to see if she was naughty or nice!!

For a really well explained explanation of why not to do Santa check out Nicole's blog.

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Cara said...

Thanks Fiona, and thanks for the link to the Nicoles' blog. It was thoughtful. Good on you for taking such a strong stance. May your family have a fun and joyful Christmas celebrating Jesus!