Monday, 15 December 2008

Weekend shopping and jumping

Saturday morning saw myself, Alexis and Jackie driving down to Myrtle Beach SC to hit the outlet stores. Lucy scored big with some new clothes, a pair of shoes and several hair bows (as modeled) whilst Andrew got a lot of new work shirts. The outlet mall had about 50 shops within the one area so it wasn't exactly factory outlet bargains but there were still good deals to be had. There were a number of brands I had never seen before like Harry & David's and KB Toys so it was fun to check what that had in stock.

On the way I learnt a few interesting things about South Carolina, for instance tattoo parlours are illegal but full nudity strip shows, pornography shops and fireworks are legal. It seems like a very strange state!

Andrew and Lucy in the meantime went to Monkey Joes, a play area with lots of inflatable slides and castles. They had a great time but Lucy told me that 'Monkey Joe is scary' (someone was dressed up in monkey suit for all the birthday parties going on and she was happy to see him from a distance but not so happy when he came up close)

On Sunday night we visited Mary Lou and Bill (Grammy Lou and Poppy) for dinner. Lucy is very attached to Poppy and spent most of the night following him around. She even got an early Christmas present!

Stay tuned over the next few days for updates on the pizza oven.

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