Monday, 22 December 2008

Weekend highs and lows

Family update: In between Christmas parties (two - Elizabeth & Trung's and one at church) I've been in bed sick. Lucy has been using this time imaginatively by 'going to the beach' which means putting on her swimming costume and loading up a wagon with hats, sunscreen, food, clothes (and whatever else she deems necessary) For some reason she thinks lots of socks are required as she doesn't want to get sandy feet (even though she has NEVER worn socks to the beach before and likes the feeling of sand) Needless to say there is stuff everywhere! Andrew has been cooking and tidying up as well as working on the pizza oven.

Pizza oven update: We are ordering the stones today and wood in being delivered this afternoon

Weather update: Last week it was 20-25 degree celsius every day. It was awesome. Today's temperature range is 4 to -7 degrees celsius! Christmas day ironically will be back to 22 degrees!

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