Monday, 29 December 2008

Year end: Vacations & Visitors

One of our favorites things is to travel. This year we increased our number of US state visits to 16 as we went on three vacations. Just writing this blog has allowed me a lovely hour of reminiscing.

Outer Banks - We stayed in a beach house in the small town of Waves. The ocean was just a short walk over the dunes from our backyard. We enjoyed the wonderful company of the Vega family as we ate lots of pavlova, relaxed at the beach and visited the Wrights Brothers monument. See the photos here and read the preliminary blog here

Washington DC & Williamsburg - 10 days of soaking in US history. We had an awesome time exploring museums and eating at good restaurants. Read the blog here, see the photos here, read Fiona's highlights, Andrew's highlights and Lucy's highlights.

Boston/New England - Whilst based in Boston we managed to visit a few other states including New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island. See our series of Boston bite blogs.

We had a number of overseas visitors including Aunties Julie and Lynda in February, Auntie Kat in September (for her birthday of course) with friends Collin and Steve, and Grandma Lamberton in October.

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