Monday, 23 February 2009

Back to gardening

Given the mild weather we headed north to Pender Pines garden nursery to check where things are at. Lucy got to feed the ducks and talk to the emus but not much else is happening this time of year due to the weather being warm one day and frosty the next. It was a good chance to see which plants stay green all year long and as such we got some holly bushes for near the pizza oven. We also got lots of herb seeds to plant next month, along with some ornamental kale for the herb garden.

Our most exciting purchase was an apricot tree which is supposed to produce fruit in its first year. We have planted it in a nice sunny spot and we hope to see it grow quickly.

Lucy got some pansies for her garden near her playhouse which she has diligently watered with her watering can!

We also took the chance in the milder weather to start raking up the thick carpet of pine needles that have accumulated over the past 5 months since the lawn was last mowed.

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