Thursday, 26 February 2009


Recently I've have been to two different fondue restauarants in Wilmington, the original long-standing, 'Little Dipper' and the newly opened franchise ,'Melting Pot'. (Andrew hasn't been to Melting Pot yet as I went with the moms group)

They offer a number of courses, firstly cheese fondue, then a salad, followed by 'entree' fondue (translation 'main') finished off with a chocolate fondue.

The Little Dipper wins the best decor - it has a flourescent-lit fish tank filled with jelly fish! It also had a better dessert selection and it's prices are very reasonable. On the other hand Melting Pot is much closer to our house and has a lot of available parking.

Both are extremely fun and tonight Andrew and I are heading out to Melting Pot for my birthday dinner!

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Cara said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a great day. Btw, Lucy's room looks great.